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We've designed our Package Tours to include a wide variety of sights and activities, both on the Mainland and on the Island. However, if you would like to make any changes at all to those Itineraries, please complete this form with all the options you would like to include. We will do our very best to plan a trip that will incorporate as many of these options as possible.


Please check all Options in which you are interested.
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Option Interests:
Will you be booking your own flights to and from Greece? :


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book your flights for you:

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whom you will need airline tickets:
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Please number the following attractions in the order of your interest, 1 being your favorite:
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and 10 least favorite.

Antiquities, Ancient Ruins
Beaches, Swimming
Churches, Monasteries
Clubs, Nightlife
Hiking, Outdoor Activities
Scuba Diving, Snorkeling
Thermal Springs

Will you be bringing any dependent children? How many, and what are their ages?
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If you would like to spend more or less time in Athens and/or Lesvos, please describe your preference:
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A representative will contact you to finalize payment of your order. Thank you!


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